Test your knowledge and skills to operate agricultural aircraft safely

Up to now, the DJI T30 is still the most developed agricultural aircraft line in the world. Therefore, with its predecessor, T30 has brought many breakthroughs in the work of changing agricultural farming methods in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular. What makes the DJI T30 remain the same, even more used than today’s new generation of aircraft, discover with AgriDrone through the article below.

Malfunctions on some technological devices are inevitable

There is no denying that minor errors are considered “specialties” on new agricultural aircraft of DJI every time they are released. No exception, when the T30 first entered the Vietnamese market, it took a long time to test and has been continuously improved. Most of the basic bugs on the T30 are fixed and stability is achieved after that period. 2021 is considered the peak of T30, until now the heat of the flagship of digital agriculture has not subsided. If not counting the minor errors, it must be said that the T30 carries with it revolutionary improvements, overcoming all the disadvantages on its predecessors such as MG – 1P, T16 and T20.

Why is DJI T30 still chosen by farmers and not new models?

The initial investment cost is certainly a determining factor, but it’s not the only thing you need to keep in mind. The new generation of aircraft is equipped with a number of extremely modern technologies. Because the technologies are relatively new, when deciding to invest in the trend, you are unwittingly signing up as a quality tester. The new generation models, although achieving many outstanding features, still need time to achieve stability. We all know farming is seasonal. In the season, people have to solve a large number of jobs in a short time, stable machinery will meet this problem well. The lack of availability of replacement parts is also the reason why new machines have been born, but a large part of farmers still choose T30 faithfully when intending to continue investing in agricultural aircraft.


NHẬN TƯ VẤN Test your knowledge and skills to operate agricultural aircraft safely