Agridrone Academy Professional Pilot Training Center

AgriDrone Academy is an agricultural aircraft pilot training center – prestige, quality, and international standards. Join a 4-5 day training course to become an expert in operating drones, mastering technology, leading the trend, and adding economic value in agriculture.

Currently, there are many farmers who are capable of training to operate agricultural drones. However, to choose a reputable and quality training center with dedicated and professional teaching staff is not easy. Coming to AgriDrone Academy training center, customers can be completely assured of the quality and service that the company provides.

Who can take the agricultural drone operator training course at Agridrone Academy?

You can REGISTER NOW for a training course on operating agricultural drones at AgriDrone Academy center in Hon Dat district, Kien Giang province.

Agridrone Academy Training Center - Prestige, quality, international standards

Dedicated and professional teaching staff

Coming to AgriDrone Academy, customers will experience a professional and methodical training course under the enthusiastic guidance of the company’s teaching staff.

  • 100% of training instructors are internationally certified by DJI.
  • Experienced aircraft operation with thousands of hours of flight time.
  • Experience in training for many different types of customers.
  • Customers will be closely monitored and supported continuously from the company’s teaching staff in the first 1000 hectares.
  • The company is committed to supporting customer care periodically after the training course 15 days / 1 month.

Complete facilities and amenities

  • Fully equipped with tables and chairs, projection screens to support teaching.
  • Accommodation, rest and dining are selected to give customers the best experience.
  • In addition, customers coming to the center will have the opportunity to experience the latest product lines provided by the company.

Preferential program when studying at Agridrone Academy

  • Free transportation, food and accommodation
  • Agridrone Academy Pilot Certificate
  • Management training – Professional aircraft maintenance
  • Gift voucher for replacement parts worth 1,000,000 VND
  • Handing over the machine right after training

Agridrone Vietnam Company is committed to

So what are you waiting for, come and experience the quality and training services at AgriDrone Academy center in Hon Dat district, Kien Giang province. Especially with the launch of the new DJI T40 product line, customers should quickly register to have the opportunity to experience the most anticipated super product in 2022.